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Tue, Feb. 24th, 2009, 08:53 pm
nerak_rose: Facebook Layout

I made a layout for Livejournal that looks like Facebook. Because I was bored.

Style: S2 flexible squares
Account type: Paid, Plus and Basic.
Resolution: 1280x800
Browsers tested: Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Notes: Does not work in Internet Explorer. Clearly, IE fails.
It's live at sama_farid  which isn't a paid account so you can't see the comment pages and I don't know a way to show them... but it's also currently on my journal, nerak_rose  and I suppose you can go look in my FO post to see XD
If you find any bugs, please let me know. (I refuse to take responsibility for bugs showing up in other browsers than FF)

Enjoy, if you want to. :P

Fri, Nov. 23rd, 2007, 11:30 pm
thegabbster: Wanted: Layouts & Mood Themes

I'm looking for the following type of layouts and mood themes and if it helps I have a paid account.

  • scrubs (tv show)
  • friends (tv show)
  • law and order (and version) (tv show)

Mood Themes
  • scrubs (tv show)
  • friends (tv show)
  • doyle (from angel: the series)
  • faith/buffy (from buffy the vampire slayer)
  • charmed (tv show)
  • tru calling (yv show)
  • julian mcmahon (actor)
  • law and order (any version) (tv show)
  • torchwood (tv show)
Any help would be VERY appreciated!

Sun, Oct. 24th, 2004, 03:48 pm
pornography: OMG, NEW STYLES

It's been awhile, but I come baring new styles :)

Style Number: 458786
About: A quick loading layout featuring Bruce from Finding Nemo (oh, how I love this movie). Feel free to change the pictures/whatever but keep the credits intact because I did all the coding.

Layout #2 Smallville (Tom Welling)
Style Number: 519121
About: Kind of green. Features Tom Welling (such a pretty boy). Lots of room for your links, etc. If you use this, feel free to change the pictures/whatever, just keep the credits intact. They're not that big.

Remember, you're welcome to take them but please comment and tell me if you do :)

ETA: I've lost my paid account status, so in order to get the preview links to work, you'll have to change the bolded part of the preview link (which is my username, eclipses) into your own username (or any other paid account username).


Sun, Oct. 3rd, 2004, 01:24 am
cerulean: A new one, and two old ones.

Hey kids. I'm cleaning up my styles. I sorted through them, deleting what doesn't work in anything other than IE and whatnot (or I find incredibly ugly and code-shoddy and can't believe I made), and in doing so I made one or two available for public use.

For whatever reason I didn't end up using this one. It's clean and I like it, but I'd forgotten all about until I found it in my styles list.
471688, preview.

Edit: There was a problem with the image map not working in IE. If you had this problem, recreate the style as it's fixed now. :)

The only other two that escaped deletion have been posted before, but eh. :)

The relating post, 462961, preview.

This last one uses opacity filters. It works in all browsers but does not look quite as pretty as it does in Internet Explorer. I left it there because it was used quite a bit.

The relating post, 337566, preview.

  1. The colors are hard coded. (They do not use the LJ %%color%% variables.)

  2. Please save and upload any and all images to your own server/space. It's only polite.

  3. You don't have to ask. Just take. Feel free to alter to your liking. Crediting is nice, but isn't required :). The only thing I ask is that you don't present it as something YOU created. It's just not right. Nah'mean?

NOTE: If you have any overrides in your GLOBAL_HEAD that affect LAST_N (like customized comments) you have to remove them. For some reason LiveJournal changed the way the %%head%% variable is handled so whether or not it is specified in the style the overrides are always included. It can mess up entire layouts, which seems to have been a problem for some. :)

Mon, Jul. 5th, 2004, 04:17 pm
cerulean: Just a note...

FYI -- I updated this style.


Wed, Jun. 23rd, 2004, 12:31 pm
cerulean: It's been awhile... :)

I made this but decided I didn't like it; it didn't come out as it looked in my head. So I'm offering it up as public. If you want it, please host the images on your OWN server or host. I can't let you use them off my space. I'll be removing the images from my space in a few days so you'll just get broken image boxes. :-P

Style Info: 462961.

  • The colors are hard coded. (They do not use the LJ %%variables%%.)

  • No, there is no friends view. I like to view my friends page in generator, so it never occurs to me to make a matching one. I attempted to make a matching friends view for a style once but it gave me a headache.

  • You don't have to ask :), just take. You dont have to credit either, but please don't present it as your own creation. Feel free to alter if you want. :)

Sun, Jun. 13th, 2004, 04:01 pm
pornography: MORE STYLES >:O

This morning I got bored and thought to myself "why not go make my lj styles for all those lucky, lucky paid members out there?" So that is exactly what I did.

Layout #1 (too lazy to name it)
About:This layout is pretty simple, and mostly grey. You'll have to customize the headings/links/etc, but dont remove the credits (they are small! You can hardly see them!). Feel free to change the ugly picture though. It's JLo (whom I hate) and I hate it. A lot.

Layout #2 (which I fondly call my "Harry+Dog layout)
About: This layout uses a picture of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) hugging a random dog. I think it's cute. You'll have to change the headers though. And the links.

Comment if you are going to use these layouts. Oh, and dont remove the credits (which are really, really small and unnoticeable because I am kind).

ETA: I've lost my paid account status, so in order to get the preview links to work, you'll have to change the bolded part of the preview link (which is my username, eclipses) into your own username (or any other paid account username).

You can find my other LJ layouts here.

Sun, May. 2nd, 2004, 11:56 pm
dk_mod: Public Styles

design_kitten Is a community that houses paid styles for the linkware version of Design-Kitten.com

We strive on layouts that are Simple, Elegant and Fun.
Our styles are cross-browser friendly and are viewable in 800x600 screen resolutions and up.

Feel free to look through the site Here. and then join the community design_kitten.

We look forward to seeing you there.

-Design Kitten

Sat, May. 1st, 2004, 05:53 pm
jesus_h_biscuit: (no subject)

LASTN VIEW : My Brightness
Style ID : 436212 -][- Preview </li>

FRIENDS VIEW : La Maison Du Mme. Lalaurie
Style ID : 436732 -][- Preview </li>

Rules for using these styles:

  1. No remote linking - host the images on your own server or image hosting service, please.
  2. If you would like, you may credit me for the design, but I do not require it. Nice idea, but not really necessary for me.

Thanks much, I hope you all dig these.

Energy & light to you all!

Mon, Apr. 12th, 2004, 12:40 pm
pornography: A few more layouts for you all :)

Okay, so I made two more layouts for you guys to use. Please keep the credits!

US Pride
Style number: 428601
About: A red, white & blue layout for all of you Americans out there (or people who simply like the colors). Feel free to modify, but keep the credits where I left them.

Blue Spirals
Style number: 427403
Preview: http://www.livejournal.com/customview.cgi?username=eclipses&styleid=427403
About: A darker layout with blue spirals (didnt you guess? :P). Simple and quick to load.

ETA: I've lost my paid account status, so in order to get the preview links to work, you'll have to change the bolded part of the preview link (which is my username, eclipses) into your own username (or any other paid account username).

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